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We offer wedding packages from full on 'Platinum' level packages to ceremony or reception only packages. Use the contact us page to get a personalized quote for your event.

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We're here for your next holiday party, A Grand Opening. Some entertainment before/after a Keynote speech or any other company party, All of our DJs are not only skilled at song selection and mixing, but also know how to 'Read the Room' and keep the energy going.

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Birthday or 
Private Events

Weather it's just some background music or if you want us to 'Bring the Club to you' we've got you covered! We have multiple sized sound systems to accommodate your needs.

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Everyone loves some karaoke! We have a very large catalogue of karaoke music that's updated monthly. 

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Lighting Solutions

We have a very 'Professional' look to our lighting setup. We want to make sure your photos will look the best they can to better capture your special event. We use a program called SoundSwitch to do all our lighting control.

*If you do want the strobes and intense lights, do request we do have them.


DJ Event Planner

All of our clients get a personal website to help plan your event. It can help you build your timeline or events, keep all your important information for your other planners and photo/videographers. It's also where you get to pick your songs for dances,  entrance, Must Plays and Do Not Plays

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